Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Recap

This weekend, we had some guests at the house. Marc's dad and stepmom, Lyman and Melinda, were up to celebrate Ma and Pa J's 60th wedding anniversary. Marc was wrong - he told me it was 50 years of wedded bliss, when it was really 60 years. Can you believe that?!? And Pa J is just so cute! =.)

We 'enjoyed' dinner at Carabba's on Friday night, and by 'enjoyed,' I mean we suffered through dinner. What a mess! For starters, there were 18 of us, at dinner, on a Friday night, so that was enough of a hassle, but then, we were told to go to the restaurant on 15-501 in Durham, when we were apparantly supposed to be at the one in Raleigh on Capital Blvd! I mean, it was an ordeal. Half of us were in Durham, the other half in Raleigh. About 30 minutes after we sat down in Durham, had ordered our drinks, and just put in an order for some appetizers, we get a call from Lyman's sister, wanting to know where we were. So, we then had to drive to Raleigh (it's only about 20-25 minutes), but we had the guests of honor, so we really just wanted to stay put and have the rest of the group come to us. Needless to say, by the time we got to Raleigh, we were an hour late for our reservations, and our half of the table didn't really converse with the other half. Boy, was I glad when my margarita came! =.) Yummy!

Saturday, I went with Marc to the gun show in Raleigh at the Fairgrounds. There was also a dog show going on at the Jim Graham Building, I guess, and there were so many beautiful Boxers there! They're still my favorite dogs! So, Marc really has been wanting to get me a gun. Until Christmas, guns just made me really, really nervous. We've been target shooting 3 times since Christmas, though, and I really like target practice! I've been shooting all kinds of guns we we target shoot, and I have my preferences. My favorite was one that my Daddy bought for my Mama. It's wood grain! It's just more comfortable (and a lot smaller) than Marc's Glock. So...Marc wanted to buy me a gun. While we were at the gun show, we walked around and I looked at all the different kinds. (And I really wanted a PINK gun!) So, the first time around, I found the one that I liked best. We still looked around and price compared, and about an hour/hour and a half later, we decided that the pink gun was 'the one.' So, while I helped Carl at his booth (we got in as dealers early because we know people), Marc purchased this beauty of an anniversary gift! How pretty is this?!? It's like a bowling ball! =.) Love it!

Saturday night, we hung out at the house and grilled out with Lyman, Melinda, Matt, Tammy, and Karleigh. Then, we played Apples to Apples. If you've never played, you should! It's so much fun! The more people playing, the better! =.)

I would squat to get a picture, she would do the same:

I sat in the floor so I could get a good pic, Karleigh sat, too:

We all went to Ma and Pa J's church on Sunday. It wasn't nearly as 'bad' as I was expecting. I really enjoyed some of the traditional hymns (did you know that Jesus loves me has more than just the one verse?). And I really think the grandparents enjoyed showing off their family. And Karleigh did so good! Isn't she adorable?!?

The Ladies (Tammy, Melinda, me)

The Gentlemen (Matt, Lyman, Marc)

Karleigh and Lyman

Matt, Karleigh, & Tammy

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too! =.)

"I thank my God every time I remember you." ~ Philippians 1:3

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