Friday, March 27, 2009

Soundtrack of my life...

Every time I hear She's Country by Jason Aldean, I immediately start thinking of all the other songs that I love! Whether they're country and about the South, or songs that I remember specifically from college days, or high school days, or riding in the car with my Mama when I was younger. Whatever the song or the year it came out, I just think about how that one particular song had a part in the Soundtrack of my Life. And some of these songs are going to be the same for my friends (like Tiffany and Kelli), because they were right there beside me singing in the car and along for the ride! That's the absolute best thing about a song. I can hear a certain song, and think about that particular time in my life.

Some of those songs that are sticking out in my mind right now:

Redneck Yacht Club by Craig Morgan - Reminds me of summers Hyco Lake with all my friends whose necks tend to be on the red side

Summer Girls by LFO - Reminds me of high school, and Abercrombie and Fitch

Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard - reminds me of Katie's bachelorette shower and all of my girls night out friends (and other trashy songs, including, but not limited to: Paradise City, Jack and Jill, etc.)

My Everything by Keith Urban - Makes me think of Marc, and our first dance as Husband and Wife

She's Country by Jason Aldean - I just really like this one right now! =.)

Cheap Seats by Alabama - Reminds me of summers filled with watching my Daddy play softball

Po' Boys by Nappy Roots - I know! Reminds me of concerts we attended at Appalachian State

I Go Back by Kenny Chesney - Reminds me of Mega Ticket Concerts at Walnut Creek

Just so You Know by Jesse McCartney - Beach trip with Tiff and Kelli

SuperWoman by Fabulous - Marc while I was in college...hard to explain that one, it just reminds me of Marc

These are my People by Rodney Adkins - Playing softball in the summer followed by Wing Nite at The Wooden Nickel

Where I'm From by Jason Michael Carroll - So the ultimate song of my life! ("I'm from the front row of a wooden church...)

Amazing Grace - Makes me think of my great grandma, Mama Hall

Christmas Songs by Elvis - Makes me think of decorating the house for Christmas with Mama

Are there certain songs that you hear on the radio, and it justs makes you smile with the memory? Or singing a hymn in church, and it takes you back to a special time? I hope you've enjoyed this, and maybe even made you smile as you thought back to a time in your life when one of these songs played in the background. =.)

And, on a really random side note: GO HEELS!

"My salvation and my honor depend on my God; he is my might rock, my refuge." Psalm 62:7

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