Sunday, March 1, 2009

Travel Updates...


I hate waiting at the airport. You have a few options, and fewer still if you’re by yourself. What options, you may ask? Here’s what I think:

People watch. I mean, really – an airport is FILLED with tons of different kinds of people, and I LOVE to watch people. Marc gets mad when I people watch at dinner, especially when we’re at La Cocina in Roxboro. I can’t help it, though!
Read. This is one of my favorite pastimes. However, if I know that I’m going to be reading on the flight, I feel like I get bored more easily if I read in the airport and in the air.
Play on the computer. My current option choice. J Now that I have a blog, I feel that airport thoughts are definitely something that most of you will understand.
Watch TV. Since the only thing they ever show on the TVs at airports are news shows, that doesn’t interest me. There’s too much else out there to be depressed about, what do I need to hear more from news anchors about?
Listen while other people talk way too loudly. I believe it is inevitable that while you are waiting on a flight, you will hear someone else as they talk on a cell phone – and you can hear about someone’s divorce (yes, someone was talking on their cell about how they were still going to be friends, because he really does like his wife? – or any other information that I, personally, would like to keep personal.

So…as I sit here, waiting for my flight to board, I have most definitely done a little people watching, listening in on other people’s conversations, whether via cell phone or person to person, played on the computer, and wandered into the extremely overpriced stores to see what I can find to keep me occupied for just a little while longer.

Happy flying!



The weather here has been amazing today! It’s been around 70° and sunny. It would only be better if I were at home with the people I love!

I’m staying at the Wyndham Orlando Resort. The pictures online are gorgeous. It sits on 48 acres in Orlando, with a couple of pools, some very pretty gardens, a tiki bar. The grounds are beautiful. My room, on the other hand, leaves quite a bit to be desired. I guess I’m just really spoiled with all of the other hotels I’ve stayed at, but this is a bit much. There’s about a half inch between the bottom of the door and the floor, where light can be seen. It’s a standard room with 2 double beds. It has a small bathroom with chipped tile floors. There isn’t enough room to place 2 suitcases in the room/closet.

I think if I loved traveling, it wouldn’t be as bad, but I’d much rather at home. I’m such a homebody. So, since I’d rather be at home, anyways, being in a crappy hotel just doesn’t help matters any.

Starting tomorrow, Sunday, at 8:00 a.m. I’ll be enjoying sessions about real estate and leadership. I’m kind of upset about missing the final sermon on the Life Swap series that Pastor Ken is preaching on tomorrow.

Currently, I’m missing a baby shower for Dawn. Her and Jeff are having a little baby boy. Mama was going to take my gift, since I wasn’t able to make it.

So far on this trip, I’ve read on book, and I’m almost done reading my second. I really need wireless, preferably free wireless, so I can check emails and such. I’m bored, already.

So…these are my wonderful ramblings for the day…hope you’ve enjoyed!

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