Tuesday, January 5, 2010


When I was backing up to park my car last night when I got home, I noticed that Ace was looking at my back tire kind of weird.  You know, turning his head a bit, trying to figure something out?

I got out of my car, and I hear this hissing sound.  It sounds like someone has popped a beach ball or something.  Great.

I make Marc go outside to see what it is, and apparently, I had a huge gash in my tire from a rock.

Like the wonderful husband that he is, he took my car to my brother’s so he could get a better look at it.  So, now I’m driving on my spare tire while he takes it to the shop to get it plugged today.

This is what my tires are supposed to look like:DSC05205 This is what my spare looks like:DSC05208

I know – it’s gross.  That’s what the bottom of my car looks like, I suppose.  Oh, the joy of living on a dirt road! =.)

I love my country life, though!  Wouldn’t trade it for anything! =.)

Hopefully, it’ll be all fixed with 4 normal tires by tomorrow! =.)

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Whitney said...

Oh my word!!!! Have you gotten everything fixed?