Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Without Water...

Currently, there are 2 plumbers and my husband working on our well. Lightning ran in on it this past Friday, so we went the whole weekend without water. Not a huge problem, as Mama and Daddy moved into their new house, so their little apartment(aka the Saloon, as it's beside the barn and has a facade that looks like an old time saloon(I'll try to find a picture to put it up later)) they were living in was available for us to use. It felt like we were camping - we lived at our house, but if we needed to shower or do anything involving water, we had to trek to the Saloon. I'm really grateful we had some place to go, though.

So we really didn't spend a lot of time at home this weekend. I'm glad we already had a busy weekend planned!

Therefore, while I'm at work, my husband and the two plumbers are pulling this:
from the bottom of this:
to replace all of this, and the well pump.
And all of this is gonna cost us about a grand. Oh, the joy of being a homeowner...
P.S. This is the second time lightning has hit the well in about 6 months. Last time, they just repaired the wire. This time, there was too much damage to just repair, and since lightning hit the wiring, it also hit the well pump, which means we need to replace that, as well. Fun.
P.S.S. We got a lightning rod to put up so that hopefully, this doesn't happen again. We'll see if it works.
I'm gonna be in Charlotte for the rest of the week to learn about the financials of the office. By the way, that's what I've done every day for the past 4 years. I think I know what I'm doing. Or at least I hope so, right?
I hope your day is going better than mine! =.)
"'For the mountains may move and the hills disappear, but even then my faithful love for you will remain. My covenant of blessing will never be broken,' says the Lord, who has mercy on you." Isaiah 54:10


Whitney said...

That is crazy! Hope you get everything worked out!

Fritter Chicks™ said...

Whoa! That looks complicated! Hang in there!