Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Recap

Yesterday was wonderful! Marc played in a benefit softball tournament - he ended up playing almost all day because they kept winning. I went and watched 'em play until it was time for Allie's birthday party. Allie wanted a Pony Party, so she could rider her pony, Sugarfoot. There were tons of kids there, it was a beautiful day, and so fun to watch. I got to hang out with Miss Ava, and I got a great picture of her on Sugarfoot with my Daddy helping her. So precious! I'll post pictures later this week - I'm too lazy, right now! It was such a great day spent outside! I, of course, got too much sun on my shoulders, so I'll be constantly applying aloe lotion in hopes that I avoid peeling. =.)

I am so excited about the series we're doing at church. It's called, "It's time to grow up!" It's all taken from the book of James, and how there are so many people who attend church, and have for years, but are still in their infant stages of their relationship with Christ. If we look at a growth chart (line graph) of our relationship with Jesus since the day we were saved, then it should be, overall, a line that goes up. Of course, it'll have some dips, but generally, it should go up. Pastor Ken challenged us to journal for the next 10 weeks each day - and not just about our day, but about our relationship with Christ. We're supposed to write down some of our goals, and then just journal about how we are in regards to our goals. I'm excited about this. I feel like I really need some depth to my spiritual relationship with God, and I hope this will help me with that. And, along with that, I really want to do a more involved daily devotional. I do one at night, but it's not what I'm looking for. Hopefully, I'll find what it is that God's pointing me towards.

I am so blessed! I got to spend my afternoon with 2 of my favorite women - my Mama and my grandma. I love when I get to spend time with them - no time limit, no agenda, no plans. It was so much fun! We just hung out at Mama's house. I miss that so much! When I was in college and would come home for the weekend, I would meet them for lunch on Friday's. I was reminded of those times today, and I really miss that I don't have as much time to do that anymore.

One of my goals for the next few months is to slow down. I'm really tired of being on the go so much. I feel like we always have something to do, and I'm ready to just hang out at the house this summer. So, my blog might get boring if that actually happens, but I'll be happier! =.)

I'm working on my Mother's Day gifts. I'm really excited about them. When I get them done, I'll be sure to update.

Sorry for the randomness of today's post! It's not really what I planned to write, but oh, well.

Hope you've had a fabulous Sunday! Enjoy the summer like weather! =.)

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance." James 1:2-3

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