Friday, July 17, 2009

The 'Shredders'

From some of my previous posts, I think I told y'all that Marc has 4-wheeler. Well, it's not one of those just 4 wheel drive for trail riding. Nope...not my husband. He's gotta have one of those that's really loud, definitely not stock on anything, except maybe the frame, best of the best, off of Ebay, etc. And I have no one to blame for all of this, except maybe Brock, my brother. You see, if it weren't for Brock, Marc would not have gone all the way to Tennessee to purchase a 4-wheeler, and then spend lots of time and money to make it better, faster, whatever. Oh, and when they ride, the "shred." Just an inside thing.
I don't really mind, though. You see, every Wednesday, I get the television all to myself because it is "Guy Night" at Brock's shop. So, all the guys get together to work on whatever 4-wheeler happens to be broken or taken apart that week, and do whatever else it is that guys want to do when no ladies are around. And I really don't mind. Well, this week, they were riding. My brother decided that he needed a track to ride on (in the pasture that's supposed to be for his horse and Allie's pony). And Brock doesn't do anything halfway. So, he's got this track with a couple of jumps and some big turns, and they ride, when they get the notion. It's funny, though, because when you go to watch, they'll do about 15 minutes of riding, then about 20 minutes of catching their breath and 'resting'.

Back to the point, though...this past Wednesday, I was supposed to go take some pictures, because they love pictures of themselves. I got a few videos, too. you are (and I'm sorry for all of the blurs - my camera was not doing well on focusing):
Chad, Marc & Brock
Taking the turn 3 wide
Gearing up for the next round
And, while the guys were on their 4-wheelers, Allie was in her Escalade. She was even going up some of the jumps (not actually jumping them, though! No worries!)
I have a feeling Ava is gonna be the daredevil - she really wanted to make it go!
And I'm not an expert on kids, but she looks so big for being only 1 year old!

This is for Chad - his first time on the big jump!

"How great are his signs, how mighty his wonders! His kindgom is an eternal kingdom; his dominion endures from generation to generation." Daniel 4:3

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Katie said...

LOVE the pink Cadillac power wheels!! Definiely classier than the one I had when I was little!