Thursday, July 30, 2009


I had to run an errand for my Mama last Friday during my lunch. And I came across something that made me go, "Really? Seriously?"

I had to go by Hancock Fabrics to pick up a pattern for my Mama, and while I'm looking through the pattern book, I come across a pattern for one of these:

Photo from Google Images

Nope, not the cheesy tourist...the fanny pack. Yep, I said fanny pack. I tried to find the pattern online, and what do ya know, it's not there. Who would really put a fanny pack pattern online? Who would actually have a fanny pack pattern? The saddest part about this whole thing? When I googled "fanny pack," I found a lot of interesting things:

  1. Lacoste makes a fanny pack - it was on a manequin in a store! Really?
  2. NorthFace makes a fanny pack, cleverly called a "Lumbar Pack." You're not fooling me, NorthFace!

What do you think? Did you ever have a fanny pack? I can't remember if I did or not. I definitely had the florescent colored clothes, but I'm not sure about the fanny pack. I don't know if I want to remember that!! =.)

TGIF! For real. Feels like the longest.week.ever.

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End." Revelation 22:13


Marissa said...

I totally used to rock the fanny pack!

Dawn Smith said...

I remember the days of fanny packs! I had a neon pink and black striped one. I wouldn't be surprised if it's not still floating around at my parents house somewhere.....