Monday, November 24, 2008


Oh my goodness...I love my family! Yesterday, my Dad blew all the leaves off of one of their pastures. There were so many leaves that it made up 2 huge piles. He did this 2 years ago when Paisley was just a puppy, and it's just the funniest thing to watch her with the leaves. I really hope I can figure out how to do videos, because it's just priceless. This is one of them:

This year, Allie was old enough to play in the leaves. This picture is her playing with Marc and Paisley. I've gotta ge the video of her running into the leaves...I haven't laughed this much in a long time.

We've been cleaning up in and around the house since we finished our renovations. While the contractors were working on our house, we pretty much just lived in our bedroom, and we had lawn chairs set up in our living room with a small TV. It was hard to keep things organized or do much of anything else while they were in the house. So, our spare bedroom became a catch-all for everything that wouldn't fit into our bedroom. We finally got that cleaned up (with the help of my wonderful mom) a few weekends ago. We completely moved from the original master bedroom to the new master, and got our closets transferred, etc, as well. Now we have a fully functional guest bedroom and a spare bedroom (which is really my sewing room). It's so nice to finally have everything in order. So, yesterday, we spent some time cleaning up around the house. We took a bunch of stuff to the dump, to the shop, and just tidied up. Our carport looked like a junk yard for awhile, so it's nice to have that back to normal, too.

Now, we just need to paint a few doors and window frames inside, and I think we really will be done. I'm sure that won't last long - Marc will find something else that needs to be done - but I'll be satisfied if we can get those last few things done. I would love to have it done before Marc's dad and step mom are up on Wednesday, but I think that's a bit too ambitious, so I'll just have to settle for before Christmas. =.)

Now, back to work...

"This is how God often works. He does not spare us from suffering but enables us to conquer it." ~Marie Chapian

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