Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time for some reflection

As always, it seems like this year has just flown by.  It’s hard to remember what all has happened this year!

In February, Marc and I went on a marriage retreat with our church.  Not only did we learn a lot, but we had a blast.  We’re looking forward to this year’s retreat, as well! =.)

In March, we celebrated 3 years of wedded chaotic bliss!  It’s crazy to think that we’ve been married that long.  And I'm still not tired of looking at my wedding pictures! =.)

I also had my wisdom teeth removed in March, and that was an experience.  They gave me a bit of trouble afterwards, but finally worked itself out

April brought Allie’s 4th birthday, weekends with friends, and four-wheeling photography.

In May, our friends Chris & Jennifer got engaged, Memorial weekend at the lake with the pups and great friends, Grant, Katie & Krystle graduated from NC State, my big brother turned 30, and we went to the local Relay for Life event.

In June, Ava turned 1, Karleigh turned 2, I turned 26, we had to replace our well pump and all of the wiring, our softball season started, and we spent a lot of time with our families celebrating birthdays. =.)

We spent July 4th at Beaufort, NC with our friends, we played more softball, I took more pictures of the guys riding 4-wheelers, and I think I finished all of the Twilight series this month.

In August, Marc turned 24, Tiffany and Kelli turned 26 (we’re getting old, girls), we went to a wedding, and we celebrated having Paisley in our lives for 3 years.

In September, we spent Labor Day weekend at the lake with friends and the pups, Ace was bit by a snake, I spent a few days in Charleston for work, then spent the weekend in Charlotte with Grant, Katie, and Marc, and celebrated Krystle’s birthday. =.)

October brought Chad’s birthday, Allie rode in her 2nd horse show, and we spent Halloween at the corn maze, then enjoyed munchies at our house afterwards.

In November, we spent our last weekend at my grandpa’s mountain house before he sold it, celebrated Thanksgiving, and Marc went with the guys on his West Virginia 4-wheeling trip.

And finally, in December, I’ve celebrated 6 family birthdays, Jesus’ birthday, travelled to SC for Christmas with my in-laws, baked tons of sugar cookies with icing, painted pottery, and photographed some more 4-wheelers. =.)

I was expecting a little more out of 2009, but I know that God’s timing is perfect.  He’ll make sure everything happens just as it’s supposed to. =.)

Happy New Year! =.)

Now, I’m off to the beach for a great New Year’s Eve celebration with some great friends! =.)  Stay safe, don’t drink and drive!

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