Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Recap =.)

Christmas for us is just a super busy time.  We go to 7 different places in 3 days.  However, I don’t know what I’d do if we weren’t on the go.  I imagine I would sleep a little more, relax a bit more, and enjoy a bit more?  I don’t know, but here’s the run-down. =.)

On Christmas Eve, we go over to my grandma’s house and have a huge dinner with her brother and his family, and all of our family.  After dinner, we wash tons of dishes, then everyone leaves except for my uncle and his family, my grandma and her husband, and our family.  Then we open gifts.  We’ve been doing Christmas Eve since I was a kid.  We used to go over to my great grandpa’s house, Papa Tom, and do dinner and a few gifts there, then we would go back to my grandma’s house and do gifts with her.  I love traditions! =.)  Here’s a few picks from Christmas Eve

Royce with Allie & AvaDSC05065 Marc trying to get Ava’s doll out of the carrierDSC05068 Allie & AvaDSC05079Granny & AvaDSC05076

After Marc and I got home on Christmas Eve, we opened our gifts to each other. =.)  I am super excited – I got a pink Bl@ckberry! =.)  Love it!  It’s so pretty! =.)

On Christmas morning, we opened our stockings to each other, and gave the dogs their stockings.  They got a new toy and some bones.  They loved them both! =.)

We headed over to Brock and Wendy’s to do Christmas with them, and my Mama and Daddy.

Ava opening her gift from us – I just love her bed head! =.)DSC05098DSC05100 Allie with one of her gifts from usDSC05102DSC05103Mama made them matching Cowgirl outfits to play dress up in.  Ava wanted hers on right then. =.)DSC05113 

Our next stop was Matt and Tammy’s house, Marc’s brother.  We got to hang out with Marc’s grandma and aunt, and watch Karleigh open her gifts. =.)

Marc and KarleighDSC05119 Marc’s grandmaDSC05116 Karleigh with Marc’s aunt, SusanDSC05118 Love this kid! =.)DSC05124 Marc and his mamaDSC05126

After hanging out with Marc’s family, we went to my aunt’s house.  My Mama’s family is there, her brother and sisters, and all of their families.  We had lunch, then opened Christmas gifts.

Allie & Ava with my cousins, Blake & Danielle.

**Side note: Ava never got rid of her bed head! =.)DSC05127 Allie with Blake & DanielleDSC05129 My cousin, Brandon.  He turned 16 and got his license last week…he’s making me feel super old. =.)DSC05131Ava ReeseDSC05132 Ava in her new jewelryDSC05148 MamaDSC05149 My grandma looking at her painted plate =.)DSC05150 

Then, we had to celebrate my aunt’s birthday, as she and Jesus share this special day. =.)

Yummy…homemade red velvet cake! =.)DSC05153 Allie sneaking some icingDSC05156DSC05157 Hanging out in Danielle’s room =.)DSC05159

After my aunt’s house, we headed over spend Christmas with Marc’s dad’s family.  And I had left my camera at the house after we stopped back by to grab presents and unload, so I didn’t get any pictures at Gwen’s house.  We had dinner there and got to spend time with Marc’s grandma and grandpa.

Our final stop of the night was my grandpa’s house.  And, again, I didn’t have my camera, but we had fun there, too.  It’s all of my family, plus my uncle and his family.  Basically all of our Christmas Eve attendees, just with my grandpa and his wife instead of my grandma and her husband.  I got the prettiest necklace and earrings from them.  And I made a photo album of all of our pictures from our last trip to their mountain house.  Papa really seemed to like it, so I think I did good!  Now, I have to start thinking about what to do for next year… =.)

When we finally got back to the house, we had to do Christmas with Marc’s dad.  They were late coming in because it was raining really bad between South Carolina and us, so we didn’t get to do it earlier in the day as planned.

KarleighDSC05160DSC05164 Melinda and her photo album =.)DSC05167Lyman and his Harley coverDSC05169 Melinda with her apron I made for herDSC05172DSC05175DSC05176 DSC05177

Then, the day after Christmas, we had a big dinner, as is tradition, with my grandpa’s family.  It’s all of his brothers and sisters and their families.  We do tons of gag gifts and it’s a lot of fun.  And I had my camera, but me and Mama were the hostesses, so I didn’t get much of a chance to take pictures.  We were trying to keep everything in order.

So, on Sunday, I rested.  I slept in, I felt awful from this cold I’ve caught, I laid around the house, watched TV, and rested.  Then, Marc and I watched a movie and called it a night pretty early. =.)  Perfect Sunday. =.)

I hope your Christmas was wonderful! =.)

Now, I’m getting ready for New Year’s.  We’re heading down to the beach to spend the weekend with friends.  Should be a great time, and I can’t wait! =.)

Happy New Year’s! =.)

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Whitney said...

Sounds like an absolutely fabulous Christmas! Love all the pictures!