Monday, May 11, 2009

Semi Weekend Recap

In my update on Friday, I told of my plans for the weekend, so I won't bore you with re-typing all of that. We did tons of celebrating on Friday with great friends. Then, on Saturday, we headed to Raleigh for Grant's graduation, then back to Durham for dinner at Kanki.

On our way home from dinner, a crazy storm was coming up. You could see the lightning coming from the clouds in huge streaks, and the wind was blowing. When we got home, our power was out, and the storm hit us full force. The wind was crazy, and it poured rain. I'm so glad we made it home before the storm hit, so we could get the dogs inside. So, I lit candles all over the house because it was getting dark. And, what better way to pass the time in the dark than to take a nap before heading out to celebrate some more at Rob and Sarah's house Saturday evening. We went over there for a few hours Saturday before calling it a night.

Sunday, Marc and I were running the powepoint at church. It was also Baby Dedication Day. Brock, Wendy, and Allie dedicated Ava. In case you're not familiar with a baby dedication, here's what it's about at Crosslink: The parents promise before the church to raise the baby in a Godly home, in a Christian setting, and teaching them of Jesus. The church then promises to lift up the babies and the families in prayer, that they will be equipped to raise their children the way God wants them. So, here are some (very bad) pictures of everyone on stage for the baby dedication during the early service:

Brock and Wendy are on the far right - it was a bit dark.

Lunch at my aunt's was great! I love being with my family! =.) I h0pe your Mother's Day was wonderful! =.)
“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”- Ephesians 4:32


BLC :o said...

Oh I just love your blog and am your newest follower! Thanks for entering the swap, I am beyond excited. Xoxo-BLC

Marci said...

You have a delightful blog!!

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Love your blog design! Have a great Tuesday!