Monday, December 8, 2008

My Favorite Addiction

Okay. Most everyone who knows me knows that this is my biggest addiction:

This one is empty because it was my breakfast this morning. =.) I absolutely LOVE a Mountain Dew. My favorite is from a can. They just taste better. Those who are addicts like me, you know what I'm talking about. =.)

In November, our pastor at Crosslink Community Church, Pastor Ken, as I'll call him, challenged everyone to fast for 40 days. The purpose of the fast:
  1. Pray for the people in your wallet (the 3 people you have written down in your wallet that you've listed as needing prayer that God will come into their lives and convict them, and that Jesus will find them wherever they are).

  2. Pray for the DreamBIG initiative that's going on (We're currently meeting in the auditorium of a middle school because the church is only 2, almost 3, years old, and we don't have a physical building to call our church, yet. DreamBIG is our fund to begin searching for land to build on).

So, any time we thought about what we were fasting, it was supposed to be a reminder to pray for the two items above, as well as anything else you felt needed prayer.

Marc and I were talking after this service about what we were going to fast, and I told him I'd fast chocolate. That would be hard for me, but not impossible. I love chocolate, so it would be a sacrifice for me. He said that if I really wanted to fast, then I should give up Mt. Dew for 40 days. Let me tell you, I thought he was crazy, because I didn't really think I could do it. But I thought about it and I prayed about it, and I decided that if I were going to do this, and really give up something that I consider a daily part of my life, then Mt. Dew would be the thing that would be the biggest sacrifice for me. So, I did.

I made a countdown in my planner from 40 all the way to Mt. Dew Day! And that day, was on Saturday, December 6th. On Saturday morning, I woke up - we had a 2 liter Mt. Dew in the fridge, but it had been open for over a week, and to be honest, I did not want my first sip of Mt. Dew in 40 days to be that of a flat 2 liter. That would have just been a disappointment. I needed gas, so I drove to Andy's after getting my fake tree out of Mama & Daddy's storage building at their house, and purchased 2 refreshingly cold cans of Mountain Dew. I waited until I got back home, popped the top of that much awaited for drink, turned it up, and had my first sip in 40 days.

And ya know what, it didn't taste nearly as great as it was supposed to! I don't know if my taste buds have changed, but every swallow of Mt. Dew since Saturday - they just haven't tasted the way I expected. Don't get me was good...but not as good as I wanted it to be. =.) So, I do believe that my newest 'addiction' in the world of soft drinks is: Sprite. At least it's caffeine free. =.)

"For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does." Psalm 33:4

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