Friday, June 25, 2010

Ready for the Weekend!

For a couple of reasons!

1. It’s the weekend.  Two full days without having to work.  And it’s summer, so that just makes it even better! =.)

2. It’s my birthday (on Sunday)!  I will be celebrating this weekend, and I can’t wait! =.)

3. I have a new toy to play with! =.) My boss bought me a Barnes & Noble nook.  I’ve only had a day to play with it, but I’m already in love!! =.) Yay! =.)

4. Spending time with the family – celebrating my birthday this weekend, and I love it.  My family makes me happy!

5. Next weekend is a 3-day weekend!  I’m ecstatic to take a little mini-vacay down to Beaufort for the weekend.  Sun, fun, and friends, with another birthday celebration for me! =.) Doesn’t get much better!! =.)

Yay!  I hope that your weekend is as wonderful as I’m sure mine will be! =.)

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