Monday, June 7, 2010

GREAT weekend! =.)

This weekend was so much fun…but it went by WAY too quickly, as seems to be the trend, recently. =.)

Friday night, I headed over to help tie up the programs for Krystle’s wedding.  Holy cow, she’s getting married on SATURDAY.  I.Can’t.Wait! =.) A bunch of us ladies were hanging out at Krystle’s mom’s house to finish up the programs and some other stuff she needed finished for the reception.  Some of the Good Time Girls were there…seriously, so fun. =.) I love them! =.)

Oh, and I found my shoes for the wedding…I’m in love.  I’m not sure how long I’ll actually stay in them, though…they’re a bit high. =.) But so gorgeous! =.) And they were on sale for $20.  Score! =.)  I can’t find a pic online, but I’ll be sure to show y’all later.

Saturday, I painted my nails…they were looking rough.  Now they’re pretty, again! =.) Then, I headed to pick up KT and meet Katie so we could go to the Bridal Luncheon.  We went to the Carolina Inn.  It was my first time there.  It was really nice!  And we were in the Coral/Fish room…so fitting for the bride! =.)

Good Time Girls In-Training: me, Katie, Jennifer, Sarah, KT, Krystle, Victoria, MeganDSC05921 Good Time Girls! =.)DSC05922

After the luncheon, I picked up the dogs, and KT, Katie and me met the boys at the lake.  It was such a hot day…the lake felt wonderful!  We had a great time, and Paisley had a blast swimming and chasing waves! =.)

Here’s all the girls from the lake:

Stacy, Katie, Krystle, KT, megirls at hyco (1)

We spent Saturday night at the lake with everyone.  Woke up on Sunday, cleaned, washed sheets and towels, and went back out on the lake.  The boys were having fun wake surfing, and it was the perfect day!  The sun was out and there was a great breeze.  Heaven! =.) We headed back to the lake house, packed up and came home.

It was a very nice, relaxing weekend.  I believe it was prepping us for this weekend, which is going to be  I can’t wait for the wedding!


Happy Monday, y’all! =.)

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