Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where, oh where, have I been?

Wow! I guess it’s been about a month since I’ve been on the blog.  I’ve been busy!

So, here’s a semi-recap in photos:

Kurt & Krystle’s Wedding…

These are from the photographer, Penny…so awesome!Edit KV & KV Wedding Couples Charlie s Angels w KV  Aren’t those gorgeous?  The ceremony & reception were at a vineyard.  So, so pretty, and one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever attended! =.) They had a photo booth as the wedding favors!  So funny! =.)

And then these are just some of the photos that I took:Champayne Bride Vows

Marc & KrystleMarc and Bride Katie SandwichM and B 1

The next weekend, we had a water day at my brother’s house.  And Ava had broken her arm, so she had this awesome pink cast, that she couldn’t get wet…  Ava in Cast Ava Slide SistersThe SlideThe Slide The PondIn the Pond

The next weekend was my 27th birthday, and it was super low-key, but I got this awesome gift, from my boss…nook_front view

with this cover…

nook cover

In case you’re wondering, that’s a nook, from Barnes & Noble.  And I’m in LOVE with it! =.)  And, since my boss gave it to me for my birthday, Marc had to find something else to buy me!  So, we went shopping, and I picked out a new watch.  I love it, too! =.)watch

The next weekend, we headed down to Beaufort to celebrate the 4th of July with some of our favorite people!  Here we are on the beach July 4th…I’m seriously the palest person there…it’s a wonder I don’t sparkle in the sun.  Too bad I’m Team Jacob! =.)HousematesOur hostsHostsChad lost his wallet in the water Friday night…he went scuba diving trying to find it.  Seriously…he really did…Scuba Chad Then Marc & Chris wanted to learn how to scuba…Scuba Marc Scuba Chris Scuba Couple And while the boys were diving, we were hanging out on the Grady…On the Grady White On the Grady 2 And some just for fun…it’s nice to meet you…Nice to Meet you M and BTrophy And my favorite picture of the weekend…I finally got to see some of the horses that hang out on the islands on the coast of North Carolina!  I took SO many pictures, but they were absolutely gorgeous and magical!! =.)Horses on Carrot

And, you are now caught up with my life through the first weekend in July!

Since then, I have:

  1. Seen Eclipse with my girls (and my husband!)
  2. Played a few softball games
  3. Travelled with my church’s youth group as a chaperone to camp
  4. Spent some time at the lake
  5. Welcomed a new puppy to the family
  6. Played a few more softball games
  7. Helped out with Vacation Bible School a little
  8. Missed being home!

Can’t wait for this weekend…headed back to the lake and hanging out at home…it’s too hot to do much else!

I’m sorry for the long reprieve, but hopefully, I’ll be around more often! =.)

Have a wonderful weekend, girls! =.)


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Kirsty said...

Wow a photo booth! Now that is a swell idea!