Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I’m back! =.)

I had a great weekend!  I stayed pretty busy, but it was slow-paced, so I got to relax.  I really enjoyed my weekend, but I missed Marc!  He was at the beach fishing, so we didn’t get to spend a lot of time together.  That’s the only downside to the weekend.

I did, however, get to spend some time with my Daddy, so I loved that! =.)

Friday, I took a half day at work so that I could go and see Allie graduate from pre-school!  She was so cute in her cap and gown!  However, I forgot my camera in my car, and I was driving Marc’s truck.  I’ll have to get some of the pics I took with Wendy’s camera, though.  Precious! =.)

Friday night, I went with the fam to see the Durham Bulls play at home.  We had a terrace to ourselves, and it was great! =.) So much fun!

Allie & her friend, MackenzieAllie & Mackensie Ava with my DaddyAva & DaddyAva with my MamaAva & Mama Allie hugging the mascot, Wool E. BullAllie & Wool EDo you see all of Allie’s silly bandz? She loves ‘em, but she wouldn’t share!  She gave me one at lunch, but took it back at the ball game.  I like them, though…might be going to get a bag for myself!! =.) Haha!

We stayed ‘til the very end of the ball game, but then it started raining.  I mean, hard.  Durham was experiencing some major flash flooding, and I was driving right through it…by myself.  Remember, Marc wasn’t with me, and I met the rest of the family at the game straight from work.

As I was driving along, being super careful and going super slow because it was raining in sheets across the road, it started hailing.  I was just praying I’d make it home.

Then it happened.  A limb/branch/tree – whatever you want to call it – fell from the sky and landed on my car.  Directly in front of my face, to be exact.  It hit between the hood and the windshield – right on top of the plastic piece that houses the windshield wiper.  You know, the windshield wiper that now doesn’t work because a tree hit it! And there’s a big ole hole in the plastic. And my windshield is all cracked.

It scared.me.silly!  No fun – AT ALL!  I called my parents to pick me up from a gas station.  I rode home with my Mama while Daddy drove my car home – probably 20 miles or so – in the down pour.  With no driver side windshield wiper. My nerves were shot.  And – don’t forget the flash flooding.  There were places with 6+ inches of water standing in the middle of the road.  So when you drove through the water, going 20-30 mph, it would fly up on your windshield so you can’t see what’s right in front of you.

Here’s my poor car…Windshield 2 Explorer WindshieldLuckily – the most expensive thing to replace will be my windshield.  That’s getting fixed tomorrow.  And Marc’s already fixed my windshield wiper.  Now…just waiting on the plastic piece.

So, so thankful for where the tree limb hit.  If it had hit any further up into my windshield, it would have shattered, and it would have caused a LOT more damage (from the rain). And, God kept me safe!  My Explorers (I’m on my 3rd one…I know!) have kept me safe each and every time! =.)

On Saturday, I spent the day with my Mama and grandma! =.) Marc and I are a part of our friends’ wedding June 12th, and my Mama’s making my dress.  I tried to find the pattern online, but it’s not on the website.  Anyways…it’s so, so pretty! I can’t wait to rock it at the wedding.  And it has pockets!!  Marc doesn’t get why I love the pockets.  Boys take for granted the fact that ALL of their clothes ALWAYS have pockets.  Girls…not the case.

Mama finished the dress yesterday, and it fits great!  Now, I just have to figure out how to do my hair to show off the bow detail on the back! =.) So pretty!

And I got to spend the day with 2 of my absolute favorite people.  It was great.  I love spending days with them. =.)

Sunday, I went to church, then came home and worked on my resume and a few other things around the house.  Softball season starts tonight (if we don’t get rained out), and I really wanted to get in some batting practice, so my dad said he’d go with me to the batting cage.  I swung at about 80 balls, and I have sore muscles, now!  I had a great time with him, though. Then, we went to dinner with my Mama at La Cocina…my favorite Mexican restaurant.  Love it!  It was so good! =.)

And while I was being lazy for most of the day, Marc was busy catching LOTS of these:Marc - Memorial Weekend2 He brought a ton home.  We grilled some last night for dinner – yummy! =.)

Monday, I so enjoyed sleeping in!  It was great!  I lounged around and was going to wait for Marc to get home so we could go shoot my new gun.  I wanted to get comfortable with it.  Well, he left and about an hour and a half into his drive, he had to go BACK to Beaufort.  So, his 3.5 hour drive ended up taking him 6 hours.  He was pretty tired when he go home.  Since I knew he wasn’t going to be home as early as expected, I went shooting with my Daddy.  It felt like an early Father’s Day because I got to spend so much time with him this weekend.  It was absolutely wonderful.

And that is how I spent my weekend.  I hope yours was fantastic, as well! =.)

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Brittany Ann said...

OMG! I'd have been scared to death! I'm just glad you're OK!