Thursday, April 29, 2010

Busy Bee!

April has been a CRAZY busy month!  And my life isn’t close to slowing down, yet!  But I love it!

See, Chris and Jennifer, two of our good friends, got MARRIED on Saturday, April 24th. So, we had tons of stuff (showers, parties, get-togethers) leading up to their wedding.  Marc was a groomsman, so we enjoyed the rehearsal and dinner, as well as the wedding and reception.  We even drove them to the their hotel super early (1:00am) on Sunday morning.

This wedding has been eight years in the making – that’s how long they’ve been together – and we couldn’t be HAPPIER that they’re finally married! =.) Yay! =.)

chris and jenn wedding The happy couple…and yep, that’s a camo vest.  He wore a different one for the wedding and pictures! =.)with the bride Krystle, Jennifer, Katie, and me =.)  Beautiful Bride! =.)marc and chad Marc and Chad


A week before the wedding, all the girls went to a shower for Krystle, who is getting married in June.  Can’t wait for that wedding, either! =.) Yay! =.)

The shower – Krytle’s mom’s friends threw the shower, and I guess it was more of a party/play?/re-enactment thing?  And, we were all sworn to secrecy, so I can only show you some of the pictures.  It was hilarious.  I haven’t laughed this much in seriously FOREVER!  It was great!! =.)

k's party All of the girls! =.)krystle and katie hayes The future bride, Krystle, with Katie =.)


We celebrated Allie’s 5th Birthday with my family on Sunday.  I so love my nieces! =.)  It was a great time!

DSC05722Allie with her cupcake =.)DSC05741Opening gifts…DSC05744   Fake smile =.)DSC05725 Ava eating her cupcake…maybe she didn’t want to get her hands dirty? =.) Too cute!DSC05733 Cutest grin EVER! =.) Dimple and all! =.)

Well, that’s all I have for now! =.) I think I’m caught up, now! =.)


My calendar is full until Kurt & Krystle’s wedding in June! =.)  This weekend, we’re going to Charlotte for Krystle’s Bachelorette Weekend!  Can’t wait!  Tons of fun planned with some my absolute favorite girls! =.) The boys are gone next weekend for the bachelor party.  I’ll be attending Prom Dress Bowling with the youth from our church.  It’s gonna be a blast, and I’m excited to spend time with these amazing ladies and other gals from my life group! =.) The next weekend, I’m attending a baby shower, then another bridal shower for Krystle, a couple’s shower the next weekend, then a break for Memorial Day. =.)

I’m tired just thinking about it! =.) It’ll be great, though.  Then we’ll get a break after June 13th.

I hope YOU have a great weekend!  I’ve got tomorrow off to decorate for this weekend. Yay! =.)


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Whitney said...

I love Allie's face in the picture with the gift bag! Priceless!