Friday, April 9, 2010

Full of Randoms…

I’ve got no one thing to complete a full blog post, so you’ll get bullets…

  • I’ve been reading so many blogs, that by the time I sit to think of my own blog to write, I’ve got nothing.  I’m sorry, but I’m in a bit of a slump on blog posts.
  • I don’t have an open weekend until the middle of May.  It’s probably gonna be exhausting, but so, so much fun! =.)
  • I’m hosting a few girls over for pizza and wine tonight.  Should be great!  Our friends, Chris and Jennifer, are getting married April 24th, so the girls are giving Jennifer a little “Honeymoon” shower. =.) Yay!
  • I’m going shopping with my Mama and grandma tomorrow.  To Hobby Lobby and then Olive Garden.  Can’t wait!
  • I’m going out tomorrow night to celebrate Katie’s birthday. =.) Should be a lot of fun!
  • Marc’s in Beaufort until Sunday for a bachelor party.  I miss him already.  I don’t like falling asleep without him in town.  He doesn’t have to be home if he’s out with the guys around home, and I can sleep just fine.  If he’s out of town…completely different story. =.(
  • I’ve been going between extremes at work – completely busy with no time to breathe, to completely bored with nothing left to look at online.  I can only refresh facebook so many times an hour.  Seriously.
  • I’m so glad that it rained last night.  This yellow fairy dust, otherwise known as pollen, is ridiculous this year.  I’m glad it’s going away! =.)
  • I’m feeling crafty, but I don’t know what I want to do.  I have a birthday present I need to work on for an August birthday.  Yes, you read that right, August.  But I want it to be great! =.)
  • I need to make more money.  Or I need my mortgage payment decreased, as well as my health insurance.  I hate making those payments each month! =.) Makes me feel like I make nothing! (I’m not complaining – I’m lucky to have a job.  I know this.  I’m just saying…=.))
  • My almost 2 year old niece got a concussion two weeks ago.  She’s fine, but she’s gonna be a handful (as if she isn’t already!! =.)).  Precious!
  • I don’t have a single picture from Easter.  I know.  What’s wrong with me?!? =.)
  • We had a GREAT service at Easter, and record attendance at 630.  For a 4 year old church…not too bad! =.) Love seeing new people!
  • I feel like I should have something else to write, but I just don’t.
  • Are you still reading?  I’m sorry for boring you!

Well, that’s all I’ve got! I hope your life it great! =.)


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