Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today, I am thankful for…

a God who loves unconditionally.

a God who sent His son to die, so that I may live.

a husband who loves me, and puts up with me, difficulties, and all! =.)

a family who has supported me my whole life; who lifts me up and believes in me.

friends…who are friends.  Friends I can trust, hang out with, be myself around, be silly with, and enjoy their company. =.)

a home in which I live.  A place where I feel completely comfortable and blessed to be in.  In an area that I’ve lived in my whole life…and feel safe in.  And it’s close to my family.

a country where I have the freedom to believe what I want.  Where I can worship God without being persecuted.  A country founded on Christianity.  A place that fights to keep our freedom, and help others achieve that same freedom.

for those who sacrifice their lives, who leave their families and homes, so that I might continue to live free.  Oh, how much you mean to me.  And for families who watch their loved ones leave, never sure if they will return to them.  For those people who FIGHT for little me.  What a blessing you are for that.

for my puppies.  They love unconditionally.  Who greet me with one wagging tail, and one wagging body every time I come home.  Who are just so darn cute and loveable! =.) Those two pups just put a smile on my face with their goofiness! =.)

for a church who believes in the Bible.  A church that teaches by the Bible, and expects it’s members to abide by the Bible.

for the Bible…God’s guide for my life.  He gave me everything I need to know in one book.

for the Holy Spirit and a faith that live inside of me.  Who point, and sometimes push me in the right direction – in God’s direction.

for a job.  A place I get to go to each day, even if I get frustrated, sometimes.  God is providing for me.

for co-workers that care about me.

for Love.  Because my life is bursting with love, and I am blessed.  And I sometimes take that for granted.


So, I hope that you are surrounded by all that you are thankful for this Thanksgiving.  =.)  There is so much to be thankful for. =.)

Happy Thanksgiving! =.)

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