Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3-day Vacay

This past weekend, I spent with Marc, my grandpa and his wife, and my brother, Brock, and his family.

And it.was.wonderful!

My grandfather has had a house in Deep Gap, 20 minutes outside of Boone, for about 15 years, now.  When I went to visit Appalachian State University for the first time my senior year of high school, we stayed at his house, and I fell in love with the mountains.  I just can’t get enough of them.

Almost every year since I graduated from ASU, I’ve been back up in the fall for a weekend visit with Marc, Brock, and the rest of his family.  DSC04883 

Marc had to haul some fence/posts home from a saw mill just down the mountain from my grandpa’s house, so we left Friday morning around 6:15 a.m. to miss traffic in Greensboro.  We drove up in this:DSC04909

It was pretty fun.  You can see so much better from up there!  And I was so used to driving back and forth to App that I missed some of the scenery.  I got to enjoy the view all the way up on this trip.  Like I said, it was fun. =.)

Our first glimpse of mountains…DSC04790

We arrived at Papa’s house sometime around 8:30-9:00 a.m.  He’s selling his house at the end of November, so it was our last time visiting.  I’m so going to miss this place.DSC04914 DSC04931 I’m going to miss the views from the deck… DSC04795 DSC04924

So, after we arrived, Papa and Shirley let us borrow their SUV so we could go into Boone and visit the campus.  Sooooo much has changed since I’ve graduated (besides 3 national football championships)!  It’s a little bittersweet, because it almost doesn’t feel like the same place.  I finally got a frame for my diploma…4 years later.  But it does look pretty awesome in the frame! =.)  I’m excited about it!

After our trip to Boone, I’ve definitely done my share of supporting my school with some school spirit!  I got an alumni plate to go around my license plate on my car, and wind-thingie to go on my porch (I’m not sure of the technical name…), a new t-shirt (adorable – grey with pink polka dots!), a new water bottle, some awesome stone coasters, and a hat for Marc.

Some of my favorites, though, we my pictures:DSC04797DSC04805




Brock, Wendy, Allie & Ava arrived around 12:00 noon, and we decided to head to the outlets so we could avoid the crowds on Saturday, but not before the girls frolicked in the yard for a bit. =.)

Papa & AvaDSC04816 Papa & AllieDSC04822 DSC04832 On a Snoopy ride at the OutletsDSC04845 DSC04844 DSC04852 Ava – showing her teeth (her version of a smile =.)DSC04853 Christmas Tree FarmDSC04898 We spent Saturday in downtown Boone on King Street…fun stuff! =.)DSC04800 DSC04801 DSC04870 DSC04871 DSC04857DSC04856I don’t know what was up with Allie & her coat and toboggan…it was 65* =.)DSC04863  Sisters…DSC04865Deer in the front yard  DSC04920 Looking at the deer =.)DSC04922 DSC04917

We left pretty early on Sunday, but not before I got this great shot of Ava…DSC04930DSC04936DSC04937

I hope your weekend was wonderful, too! Have a great week! =.)


Christine said...

Those are great pictures! I love the house...and of course the little girls!

Marissa said...

Great pictures! Especially of the house!

Whitney said...

Gorgeous scenery and gorgeous girls! What a fun little vaca!