Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween sneak peek…

Each year, the parents of one of our friends have a huge corn maze at their farm.  For Halloween, they haunt the maze and it’s open at night.  For years, now, all of our friends have participated in some way or another.

All of the guys are in the field, haunting, and the gals sell tickets and refreshments (and hot chocolate!).  On Halloween Night, all the gals dress up.  Last year, we went as The Village People:

Village People 08 Sorry for the blurriness! R to L: Sarah, Tiffany, Megan, Katie H, Katie M, Victoria, me, Krystle

And it was freezing!

I’m quite excited that the forecast for Saturday is 78*, and the low is 65*.We don’t have to worry about being cold! =.)


And here’s a peek at some of the components of my costume! =.)  Sorry they’re so small – I didn’t take time to photo everything. =.)  I’ll definitely have some of the finished product up next week. =.)




Know what we’re dressing as? =.)


Happy Halloween!  Hope you get all treats, and no tricks! =.)

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