Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It’s time to start thinking Christmas!

Yep.  It’s already that time.  Can you believe it?  I can’t.  This year has absolutely flown by.  So much fun in a little year!
And now, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas.  And Christmas cards.  And I'm so excited for the chance to get 50 free prints from Shutterfly!  Here are some of my favorites from :)
So many choices!  I don’t know how I’ll choose! :)
1.Merry Christmas
2.Christmas Card
3. Christmas Tree Card
4.Merry Christmas - Brown2
5.Merry Christmas - Brown3
6. Merry Christmas Brown

I’m really loving the brown with modern colors.  And I like the multiple picture option.
And I’ll definitely be one of THOSE people – you know – the ones who include their dogs in their card and signature.  Because I don’t have an adorable baby to put on my card.  I just have adorable dogs. :)
So, help me out – which is your favorite of those listed above?  Each card has a number above it.  Sound off in the comments section. :)

And I'm really loving the photo books.  All of the grandparents always get these from Karleigh and Allie & Ava.  Again, as a family who doesn't have adorable baby faces to capture, I don't think they'd get as much enjoyment out of a photo book filled with my dogs. :) It matters how cute they are! :) Me, on the other hand, I think I'll have to create one for my memories...can never get enough pictures of them.  :)

And MERRY CHRISTMAS!! {Almost :)}


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I like #4! And don't worry, we're "those" people too. Dogs are family too!

PS I'm digging the new layout!

Jordan said...

I think I agree- #4.. we're also THOSE people.. our dog is also pretty much bigger than us, so he takes over the picture... maybe it would be better if he had an individual off to the side instead.. :)