Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Tidbits…

Tonight, I will be celebrating birthdays of two of my favorite girls! =.)

And I got creative with one of the gifts.  I can’t show you completely (yet) what it is, but I’ll give a sneak peak.  Tiff might read this before our dinner! =.)Craft Preview Sorry for the poor quality – I took it with my phone. =.) So excited to give it to Tiffany, though! =.) Hope she loves it! =.)

Other than that, there’s just not a lot going on.  I’m just working and living.  I’ve been blessed with 2 great relaxing weekends at home.  I cleaned so much last weekend, that I boycotted this past weekend.  So, now I need to vacuum and unload my dishwasher. =.) And fold clothes.  I so don’t mind doing laundry.  I just wish someone would put them away once I had washed & dried them! =.)


I’m still in love with my B&N nook.  I’m constantly on it.  I wish I could find a job where I could just read.  I’ve actually looked at trying to get a job at a library, because I seriously love books.  But you need a degree specializing in that, which I don’t have.  However, if you know of a job that needs a graduate with a business-accounting concentration 5 years out of school with some real estate background…I’m your girl! =.) If only…


Marc and I are going to have a NEPHEW come January (if not sooner)!! =.)  We are so excited to be Uncle & Aunt for the 4th time!  And it’s the first boy! =.) We are so excited for Matt, Tammy, & Karleigh, and can’t wait to meet the handsome fellow in a few months! =.)


My grandfather turned 75 on Tuesday, August 10th.  That same day, he went in for surgery to have a pacemaker put in.  He pulled through, and is doing great!  So blessed to have that man in my life…Just love, love, love him! =.)


I feel like I should have so much more to tell you, but I really don’t. I will be taking a picture of Tiffany’s gift, hopefully with her modeling it!  I’ve already been commissioned to create one for my boss’s wife for their anniversary in December.  I seriously love being able to craft my creativity into something other people like! =.)

Now, if I could just figure out how to make fabric flowers, I’d so have my nieces Christmas gifts figured out… =.)


Have a great week, y’all! =.)


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