Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So, I’ve had many month’s of blogger’s block, so I’m going random, now.

In case you’ve ever wanted to know more about me, I’ll share 10 random things.  Some you might know, some might be a surprise. =.)

  1. My best friend, besides Marc, has been my best friend since we were in 10th grade.  Before that, she hated me, because she thought I was a “stuck-up cheerleader.” You know, one of those types of girls.  I wasn’t. =.) We sat beside each other avoiding Honors English in the 10th grade, stared at a cute boy (I even have a portrait of him in my year book, because Tiffany drew me a great picture of him to have forever), endured some strangeness that we were BOTH too naive to understand (which we’re still pretty amazed by?), and played softball.  That year was the start of an amazing friendship. I will always consider her my “roomie,” and I’m blessed to have her in my life, still! =.)
  2. I work for a real estate company.  It has a great core belief system, and I’ve worked here since I graduated college.  I took one last summer class to graduate, finished classes on a Thursday, moved home on a Friday, started work the next Monday, my 25th birthday, and I’ve been here ever since.  Sometimes, I wonder what else there is.  Let’s be honest, real estate is currently slow.  I need more to entertain my brain on a daily basis. =.) God has a plan…
  3. I have three nieces – Allie Katherine, who is 5, Karleigh Caroline, who is 3, and Ava Reese, who is 2.  And, I’ve got a nephew on the way! =.) He’s expected to bring in the new year on January 1st. =.)
  4. I live beside my Mama and Daddy.  We have 10 acres of land, and my parents land is on 2 sides of our property.  The house Marc and I live in, we purchased from my parents.  So, I’ve been living in our house since I was a sophomore in college.  It was weird to go from sleeping in my ‘kid’ bedroom, to the master bedroom, which used to be my parents.  Weirder still, we stayed in my grandmother’s house (not with her, mind you, she has 2 houses) our first month of marriage.  It made me REALLY uncomfortable to be a newlywed, if you know what I mean, in my grandmother’s room.  Awkward…
  5. Marc gives me gifts on his birthday. =.) Seriously, he does.  On his 18th birthday, he proposed to me (and that’s a story for another day).  On his 21st birthday, he gave me a dog.  I love my Paisley girl. =.)
  6. I’m a bad wife.  I forgot to show my love of my husband on his birthday!  Marc turned 25 on August 14th.  I’m not sure if you remember reading, but I turned 27 in June.  According to my BFF Tiff (from #1 up there), I robbed his cradle.  Seeing as how we met when I was 14, he was 12, and we started dating when I was 17, he was 15…that might be true?  We were friends first, otherwise…weird! But we lasted through long-distance college and LOTS of drama (usually on my part) in between. =.)
  7. Marc was only 20 when we got married.  I had to sign “permission” on our honeymoon (we went on a cruise) so he could drink beer.  He still wasn’t able to buy liquor drinks.  Yep…that’s us. =.)
  8. I’m an avid reader.  I love books.  So far this year, I’ve read 36 books.  My goal was to read 48 – 4 books a month.  Want to know what I read?  Be my friend on goodreads.  I’ll like you even more! =.) You can find me by my email. =.)
  9. I was in a Christian sorority when I was in college.  I pledged with my BFF, but she decided it wasn’t for her.  I’m so glad that I chose to join.  It was the best decision for me and so strengthened my walk with God. =.)
  10. I’m helping lead a Bible study (we call them life groups) at church starting in September.  It’s for young couples in our church.  Our life group outgrew itself.  The model is to have 8-12 people in each life group.  Our life group had grown to 8 couples.  So, we had to split up.  Kind of sad – I’ll miss seeing everyone – but it’s exciting to see what we can do on our own, as well. =.)

And, there you have it.  Ten completely random things about me that you previously did not know. =.)

If you made it all the way through, congratulations! =.) And thanks.

Happy Wednesday, y’all! =.)



Brittany Ann said...

I love the randomness! Cool to learn more about you!

Ashley said...

I knew most of this, but the things I didn't know made me love you even more!!! Love you B!!!!

Whitney said...

I love this post! Hilarious that you had to sign a permission form for him on the honeymoon! Love it!