Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I have nothing for a title…

I’m in a list sort of mood, so here goes:

  1. Go read this blog.  I love reading about Suz’s life, and I love her preacher’s thoughts on skinny jeans…I think I agree! :) Really, please, go now, and read! :)
  2. The picture “sneak peak” of Tiffany’s gift that I showed y’all a few weeks ago, from this post, was an apron.  I made it for Tiff because she makes amazing cupcakes, and because I love her.  I wanted to give her something special, so I made her this:bdayTiff3 Unfortunately, it’s blurry, so you can’t see how beautiful Tiffany is.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.  Maybe, after she reads this, she’ll model and have her hubby take a new pic! :) [Please?] I need to start remembering to take pictures before I give them away. :)
  3. Marc & I spent the weekend in Lexington, SC visiting with his dad and stepmom.  It was nice to relax and hang out with no plans.  And we definitely spent some time playing Spades.  And the girls won!  The first night, anyways…we let the boys win on Saturday. ;)
  4. I’m so unbelievably ready for this long weekend.  I don’t know what we’re gonna do, but I’m just ready for a long weekend! :) Aren’t you?
  5. I forgot my phone at home this morning.  I’ve felt lost without it.  That’s sad, considering I sit at a computer all day, and my phone does basically the same thing, only it’s more basic.  I hate that I feel this way.  Means I’m too dependant on a phone.  Ridiculous. :)
  6. I need to take more pictures.  It’s weird – I take my camera EVERYWHERE, but I don’t actually take pictures.  This weekend, for instance – had the camera with me the whole time – didn’t take a picture ONCE.  Grrr at me.

Alright…felt the need to end on an even number…anyone else do things like that?  I think it’s my semi-OCD manner.  If I eat candies, I have to eat them in evens.  However, if it’s an odd number, I won’t put one piece back in, I’ll pour out one more piece. :)

Happy Tuesday, y’all! :)



Whitney said...

I do the SAME THING with my camera. It goes everywhere, but I don't take any pictures. I've been thinking for a while that I need to get better about it. And PS: if I didn't have my phone with me I would die. I seriously think I would perish. Stay strong.

Kathi said...

The apron is really cute!
I live about an hour from Lexington. :)

Have a good week!

Samantha said...

Cute apron. You should take another picture so we can see it better! (: It looks like the "sassy little apron" that i've made before too (:

and yes i take my camera everywhere with me. work. school. home. shopping. and never take one picture lol.