Thursday, February 4, 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland…

In my part of North Carolina, it’s rare that we see substantial snow.  And by substantial, I mean more than a few inches.  You see, when we get more than an inch, cities shut down.  Our area just isn’t prepared for snowfall.

Which is absolutely GREAT if you’re a kid, because all you want to do is play in the snow.  And you definitely don’t want to go to school if there’s snow on the ground.

However, if you’re a teacher, you understand that snow days = less Spring Break.  Kids don’t think about that part of it, though. =.) And who could blame them?!? =.)

The weather people were forecasting anywhere between 4-10 inches at my home.  Depending on where the lines were, it could be a mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain. 

So, on Friday around 6:00 pm, it started snowing.  It was gorgeous!  Lovely, beautiful flakes of the white stuff.  I absolutely loved it.

People in my office…not so much.  You would think that the world were ending with just the prediction of snow.  I went to Appalachian State University.  That means that I had the potential to see snow from November through May.  Since I’ve graduated and moved back home almost 5 years ago (has it really been that long?), I’ve only had 3 snows worth counting.  One this past weekend, one last year, and I’m sure there was another one before that.

Needless to say, I don’t mind the snow. =.)

And I got some pictures of the house before the dogs and trucks ‘messed’ it up. =.)

The snow was still falling…DSC05261 DSC05259 DSC05263 Isn’t it just beautiful and clean looking?!? =.)

We decided to go sledding, so some of our friends came over.  A few miles from the house is a road with a massive hill.  Perfect for sledding! =.)

Here’s the girls: Sarah, Katie, meDSC05265 The boys: Marc, Chad, RobDSC05266

The start of “The Hill”DSC05275Towards the bottom…DSC05276!! =.) These are the boys…DSC05268 SarahDSC05274KatieDSC05272And me…I had to steer with my hands…DSC05271

On Sunday, Marc had to work some, so I hung out with my Mama and Miss Ava.  She’s simply precious! =.)  She and Mama came over to my house to walk the dogs, so when we got back to Mama’s house, and took off Ava’s toboggan (her hat), her hair was just crazy!!  Love it!DSC05279 DSC05282 And my IRL friends will like this – she’s more pale than I am!! Haha! =.) And please ignore the make-upless faceDSC05283

She fell asleep before I left…sweet girlDSC05284DSC05285On Monday, I woke up to this beautiful sunrise with the moon between the trees.  I had to take a picture of it (before I left for work…)DSC05286DSC05288

Hope you had a great weekend!  It’s almost here, again!! =.)

Have a happy day, y’all! =.)



Stephanie Hartman said...

Oh my that looks like so much fun..

Brown Girl said...

So pretty! I wish we got more snow and less ice!

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

That looks so fun!! I wish Texas had hills so we could sled!!