Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Such a bad blogger…

I don’t know why y’all still follow me, unless it’s the fact that I’m not gonna fill up your Reader! =.)

But I’ve been in a funk.  I’ve got nothing interesting to blog about.

My weekends are almost always the same.  Dinner with friends on Friday.  Hanging out with friends on Saturday.  Church on Sunday.  That’s my wrap up!

And while we aren’t getting near the amount of snow as some of the states north of us, we’re still getting a little bit.  It’s been nice.  I know – don’t get mad at me for saying that!  We don’t get a lot of snow, and it’s so pretty when we do! =.)

It snowed this past Friday.  And it was all melted by lunch on Saturday.  Perfect snow!  And we got almost 2 inches overnight.

I have 2 favorite things from the past two weekends:

1.  Dear John.  I saw it with Tiffany, Kelli, Katie, and KT.  I really, really liked it.  I read the book way back when it was first published, so it’s been awhile.  As I was watching the movie, bits and pieces kept coming back to me.  I loved the movie, though.  And I knew I would cry.  I cry at everything Nicholas Sparks.  But it wasn’t about the love story side of it.  It was all the scenes with John’s dad.  So precious!

2. Game Nights.  Last weekend, we played games with 2 other couples on Saturday night.  We finally played Pictionary Man, and then we played Cranium.  Needless to say, the girls won. =.)  We’re awesome! =.)  Then, this past weekend, while we were all together to celebrate February birthdays, we played Imagine Iff and Cranium, just the girls.  So.much.fun.  I absolutely LOVE board games!! =.)

Perhaps I’ll have some exciting things to post about this weekend.  I leave Friday for New Orleans for work.  I fly back up Tuesday night.  That means I’m leaving Marc at home by himself.  I think he’ll survive.  I imagine he’ll enjoy being able to play Call of Duty without me interrupting when I get home from work.  (Seriously, I’m close to hating that game)

And that’s all I have.  Told you I sucked as a blogger! =.)  Guess I’m just in a funk.  I bet if I had more Vitamin D (i.e. more sun), I’d be more interesting! =.)  I love my snow, but I’m ready for spring! =.)

Have a wonderful week! =.)

And I leave you with this awesome quote I found! =.)

“Your life is your garden, your thoughts are the seeds.  If your life isn’t awesome, you’ve been watering the weeds.”

–Terry Prince

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