Thursday, August 20, 2009


The house we live in was built in 1988, so it’s about 21 years old.  We purchased the house from my parents, who had lived in the house for maybe 5 years.  When they moved in, they replaced the carpet (as it was the original, and was burnt orange shag carpet, and also the linoleum in one of the bathrooms.  In the kitchen/dining room/guest bathroom, there was brick linoleum.  Yep, you read that correctly – brick linoleum.

We’ve since then renovated the original house, and added a master suite and awesome back deck.  There is no more brick linoleum, thank goodness! =.)  We do, however, still have some of the appliances.  Our washing machine died on us last spring/summer, so we purchased the front loading washer/dryer.  Shortly before Thanksgiving 2008, our dishwasher quit pumping water.  So, on the day after Thanksgiving, I was one of the first shoppers at Best Buy getting a super deal on a new ‘silver’ dishwasher.  It’s awesome! =.)

What am I leading to, you ask?  Well, the only appliances left are the stove and the refrigerator.  When I walked in the house last night, I heard a weird noise coming from the fridge.  I open the refrigerator part, louder noise, but still not right.  I open the freezer part, and super loud semi-buzzing sound.  Not.good.  My parents had moved the fridge from their house when they moved in, so it was actually purchased circa 1989.  It’s 20 years old.  It’s lasted this long.

I think our fridge has died, as well.  My uncle says he thinks the bearing in the fan in the freezer has gone bad, so when the fan turns on to blow air into the freezer, it makes this really loud, really annoying sound.  Marc was supposed to call the repair man to see if it is even worth him trying to fix the thing, or if we’d be better off just buying a new one.

But I don’t really want to spend a grand on a new refrigerator.  That’s really no fun.

So, in addition to the wedding I’ll be attending this weekend, I might also be purchasing a new refrigerator.

How’s YOUR week going? =.)


Whitney said...

That's no fun!

Katie said...

oh mannnn i hate when things go wrong!!

hope it gets better!