Saturday, June 11, 2011

May 2011

The month in review. :)

So proud of my best friend!! Tiffany graduated from UNC with her Masters!! :)  I’m so excited for her.IMG_0741

After the graduation ceremony, her husband threw her a great dinner.  This is after dinner, and I love them. :) They love each other SO.MUCH. And I love seeing them together.  They make me happy. :)IMG_0758

The kids in TinyTown at church sand some songs for us one Sunday morning.  Ava, my youngest niece, is the on on the right in the blue dress with a bow in her hair.  She was so funny, as always.  Love seeing kids sing to God! :)IMG_0776

We did landscaping around the front of the house.  This is the picture the day we did the planting.  Since then, we’ve added a dogwood tree to the right front, just beside the sidewalk, and spread more mulch to the left.  It only took us 3 years to add some “curb” appeal. :)IMG_0770

For my brother’s birthday, he decided that he wanted to race 4-wheelers, again.  Two weeks later, he raced again.  We went to see him, and rode with his wife and kids.  Ava passed out on the way.IMG_0785

This is Brock with some of the other guys who raced that night looking over the track.  Brock’s on the 4-wheeler.IMG_0787

And this is Brock during the practice.  I love watching him race.  He’s such a natural, and so good!  He won first place that night!! :)IMG_0793

We spent Memorial Day at the beach with friends.  It’s always a great, relaxing time.  The guys went fishing on Saturday, and came back with a lot of dolphin (mahi).  This is the biggest one they caught, >30 lbs.  It was GREAT fried up Sunday on the beach!! :)IMG_0851

And this is one with all of their fish.IMG_0855

The girls with the fish, and the big fisherman of the day! :)IMG_0859

Everyone game Marc a hard time because his shirt looks like the dolphin.  If you count him, he’s the biggest catch of the day! :)IMG_0858

Sunday of Memorial Weekend:


Sand bar at low tide…the guys pushed us offIMG_0885

Wild horses on Carrot Island.  Seriously, one of the most beautiful sights there is…IMG_0890IMG_0904

And that’s pretty much it for May.  Great month.

Now, I’m looking forward to the rest of June. :) Two of my nieces have birthdays, helping to host a baby shower for one of our life group couples, DEF LEPPARD concert (I.cannot.WAIT!!) with all the friends, my 28th birthday, which then leads to July and another weekend at the beach. :)

Hope you’re having a great month! :)

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