Friday, October 1, 2010

Where did September go???

Crazy how time seems to speed up as I get older.  Remember in high school (for me, at least) when it felt like you would NEVER get out?  I went to school, went to cheer practice, went to dance, went home.  Repeat.  For four years.  Add softball practice in there for my sophomore year.  I was crazy busy – always doing stuff – but time seemed to pass impossibly slow.

Now?  I don’t know how it’s already October.  Christmas will be here in less than 3 months.  That’s sheer craziness!

However, I have started Christmas shopping!  I think I actually started in July for the nieces. :) I absolutely LOVE Christmas shopping.  I love trying to find that one thing for the intended receiver that came from me, and that I just know they’ll love. :) And I love it even more if I can make it, or assist, at least.  Can’t wait for all of the holidays coming up! Halloween, Thanksgiving, tons of birthdays in December, a NEPHEW in December, and Christmas. :)  Can’t.wait!

Before we even get to holidays, though, I’m so glad that fall has finally made an appearance! So glad for cooler weather, jeans, sweaters, boots, hot coffee.  Love it! :)


We had a security system installed at the house yesterday.  Sadly, there have been numerous break-ins around our area, with tons of reports on our community watch’s crime log.  So, with Marc going out of town in October for a guys weekend full of 4-wheeler riding, he knew he’d feel better leaving me with some type of security system in place.  Granted, I thought that’s why he bought me a gun. Oh, well…whatever makes him happy! Now, I just have to remember to turn it on! :|


I’m so looking forward to watching Allie ride her pony, Sugarfoot, in a horse show this weekend.  Too cute! :)


Happy Friday, y’all!  Have a great weekend! :)

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