Friday, May 21, 2010

Relief =.)

My doctor appointment yesterday went really well.  And really, after I got there, all of my anxiety left.  It might have helped that I made Marc go with me! =.) So he kept me distracted.

The worse part?  I had a 3:30 appointment, and we didn’t leave until 5:00.  Yeah.  I was only with the doctors…30 minutes?  The rest was just waiting.  So annoying.

But we did get to go to dinner (with the old folks) when we left the doctor’s office.

And it was yummy.  Lemon chick with asparagus and mashed potatoes.  Loaded cheese fries as an appetizer.

And the even better part…Chocolate Bliss cake for dessert.  I can’t wait to get home tonight to sneak a few more bites…unless Marc’s already eaten it all!

But back to my appointment.  Everything appears to be okay.  Now we just have to wait and see what else is going on.  Or isn’t going on?  But I’m okay, and everything seems to be working the way it’s supposed to be working, so that’s good news.

Now, we just wait.  Which, I’m not all that good at.  I should work on that?  And patience…I need some of that, as well. =.)

Hope y’all have a great weekend!  I’ve got plans for a couples shower on Saturday evening!  Here’s to hoping it doesn’t rain! =.o

Enjoy your sunshine! =.)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I’m frustrated with myself.

See, I have this doctor’s appointment this afternoon.  And I’m anxious.  Nervous.

But, it’ll be a good thing – I’ll know more when it’s over. =.)

So, when I got to work and tore away yesterday’s scripture from my daily calendar and I saw this scripture, I smiled.

“The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made.” – Psalm 145:9

I know that God has compassion for me – that scripture right there just reminds me of that. =.) God made me just as I am…problems, annoyances, heart, soul, mind, body, personality.  I am His creation.

Now, I just need to stop worrying about this appointment and get on with my day! =.)

“…he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.” – James 1:6

I will NOT doubt God’s plan for my life.  I will have FAITH that all will work out.  I will TRUST in my Savior. =.)


I hope you have a fabulous Thursday! =.)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Five…

It's time for Thursday Five…where we post…thursday55 things that have made us..






or just plain


this week.


  1. Having the weekend to just be lazy and relax! =.)
  2. Spending time with my dogs – they’re so funny in this Spring weather!
  3. Spending time with all of the mothers in my life…my Mama, grandma, aunts, MIL…all of ‘em! =.)
  4. Having a job to go to every work day.
  5. Three hour dinners with my best friends…it was way overdue, and I love y’all! =.)

Wanna play?  Head on over to Keely’s blog! =.)

And I’m super excited that tomorrow is Friday! =.) Yay!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I’m back!

Yay!  I’m back!  Last week was really busy with work, so I’m finally getting a little breather. =.)

On April 29th, I headed down to Charlotte with one of my friends so we could fix/clean up around the house we were all staying in for Krystle’s Bachelorette Weekend.  We seriously had so much fun! =.) So, Katie H and I went down Thursday night and hung out with Grant for a little bit.

Friday, we spent just a little too much time shopping, and almost didn’t get all the decorations up.  We actually forgot some decorations, but no one noticed! =.) Our theme for the weekend was Hollywood stars.  It was a blast!  Here are some of the decorations from the house:

DSC05760 We each got personalized koozies =.) And the purple feather things are feather rings! =.) So fun!DSC05762Krystle, the Bride-to-Be =.)DSC05771 All of the girls on Friday night =.)DSC05773

We went to Dave & Buster’s and had the best time! =.) It was so fun!  And we won enough tickets for Krystle to get something from the store!  She decided we should ALL get something, since we all won the tickets, so we each received a shot glass from the Bachelorette. =.) Here are some of us playing different games…some were pretty hilarious!

DSC05777 DSC05787DSC05797 DSC05798 DSC05806 

We slept in a little on Saturday, grabbed breakfast at a country diner that was delicious! Headed back to the house to shower and get ready, then went back to Concord for some shopping! =.) Lots of fun and just being girly. =.)

Saturday night, we rented a party bus to take us to downtown Charlotte, since there were 9 or so of us.  Best.idea.EVER!  Vinny, our driver, was awesome!  He was rocking out to our 80s rock music! =.) Perfect!  There are picks from Saturday night, into the wee hours of Sunday morning! =.)

KKs Bach1 KKs Bach2Krystle’s excited for the honeymoon! =.)KKs Bach3  It was so much easier to keep track of everyone with the boas on!  And they were FUN! =.)KKs Bach4 KKs Bach6KKs Bach7KKs Bach9KKs Bach11And somewhat of a tradition: The Bachelorette at the Piano Bar =.)KKs Bach10    

We had so much fun!  I love these girls, and can’t wait for the wedding in June! =.)

Up next, the boys went to Marathon, FL for the bachelor party, and Marc got some awesome sunset pictures. =.)

Have a great week!  We’re halfway through! =.)


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Five

Hi!  I really need to do a recap of this past weekend, but all my pictures are at home on the laptop (Marc took my camera with him to Marathon, FL for the weekend, so I had to download them to something so I could blog this weekend!), and I’m at work.

However, I wanted to blog about something, and MannLand5 gave me the perfect thing! =.)


So, here’s what how it goes:

Post 5 things that have made you






over the past week..then come back here and link up.

My Five are…

1. Spending the weekend with some GREAT girls celebrating Krystle before she gets married!

2. I found 2 pairs of jeans in my size at the Gap Outlet at Concord Mills.  That rarely happens.  And the best part, they were BOTH on sale! Yay! =.)

3. I got to have fun at Dave & Buster’s, just being a big kid. Seriously…!  We played skee ball, air hockey, dancing games, driving games, winning ticket games.  I’m such a big kid when it comes to stuff like that! =.)

4. My puppies are happy and healthy. Love them so much!

5. I’m gonna be an aunt, again! =.) Maybe this time we’ll end up with a nephew! =.)

Go by and see Keely and her five! =.)

Happy Thursday! =.)